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 How to Setup HP Printer Device Ink Toner

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1.To setup hp printer toner Press the cover release and open the printer’s output tray fully.
Note the positions of the four cartridges.

2.Pull the hp printer coloured toner release lever on the cartridge to be replaced fully towards the front of the printer.

3.Lift the right-hand end of the hp printer cartridge and then draw the cartridge to the right to release the left-hand end as shown, and withdraw the tonercartridge out of the printer.

4.Put the hp printer setup cartridge down gently onto a piece of paper to prevent toner from marking your furniture.
Clean the top of the ID unit with a clean, lint free cloth.

5.Remove the new cartridge from its box but leave its wrapping material in place for the moment.Gently shake the new hp printer setup cartridge from end to end several times to loosen and distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.

6.Pressing gently down on the hp printer ink cartridge to ensure that it is firmly seated, push the coloured lever towards the rear of the printer.

7.Closing the output tray without turning the blue lever may cause a malfunction. Isn’t it’s easy to know how to setup hp printer device ink.

8.This will lock the cartridge into place and release hp printer toner into the image drum unit.

9.Gently wipe the LED head surface with a clean, lint free cloth.

10.Finally, close the output tray and press down firmly at both sides so that the cover latches closed. If your still have issue then you can contact hp printer customer service to get support.

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